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Friday, March 18, 2011

The past few days.

Again, I will start from now and go backwards.

Luckily he is sleeping in, because he had a late night and busy day. Yesterday We woke up and saw the beautiful weather so we bundled up and went for a bike ride, the first of many this year. After nap time we ate and went shopping at the mall, he found a plastic mask on the ground and insisted on wearing it, I felt like Michael Jackson. We then went to play with the always gorgeous Caitlin and her two boys, Parker and Peyton. She treated Atticus and I to ice cream, and the boys got to play at the big play area at the Burger King off Gowen Road.

Wednesday we made 7 layer bean dip and we took it into my works St. Paddy's day potluck. Atticus was such a good little boy, everyone loved visiting with him. He ever had a few peoples names memorized which surprised me. He even got an Elmo face that a lady at work had made for him and brought in! After nap time we went to a play date/workout date with his friend Noble and I worked out with the boys.

Tuesday morning Atticus and I went to story time and met his friend Tatum and her mom Paige there. After story time the kidd0's played, Paige read stories to them, and I helped her study. After nap Atticus and I ran some errands. Then I was off to math class, and went and hung out with some friends that night.

Atticus and I just hung out and played with some of my old toys that I found in the garage on Monday because I had been super busy all weekend and did not get to see him much, but thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for keeping up with him! Monday night he went to his moms for an over night.

Thats about as far back as my memory goes. I am off to work later today, and Atticus is off to him moms for his weekend at her house. I just have work planned this weekend and a big old group workout planned Saturday, a killer one. Maybe Boise Fry Company too. I think Atticus and I are treating Caitlin and her two boys to either Monkey Business or The Discovery Center next week.

I have also been birthday shopping, as a few of my friends have birthdays coming up. They always make sure to get Atticus something for his birthday, Christmas, and anything else, so I feel it would be right to get them just something nice to show my appreciation.

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