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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Atticus' Day

We woke Atticus up early so he could go to some people's house he has only meet once while Mommy and Daddy did some financial planning. He saw a gigantic baby there and got scared. (Noble is such a cute boy. He looks just like little blonde Cody) He ended up having fun because Sam is an expert babysitter and he remembered Noble is his bestie. He got sad when we left because he thought Noble was trying to steal his blankie. When we left instead of going home he had to go to the doctors and get three shots. All by an Asian woman, hopefully this doesn't make him dislike Asians. (Below is a picture of his reaction when I told him what shots were) When we finally got home he fell asleep for hours still in his carseat, which he hates. Later tonight he will get ditched again at Grandmas while Mommy and Daddy go to school. Such a rough day.

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