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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stories from this house 2

When we moved out of our apartment with Owen I really got into the idea of selling stuff on Craigs List. It was enjoyable for many reasons. I was selling some stuff that we no longer wanted or needed and we made money off of it. This way we didn't have to take it to our new place, and it was much nicer to sell things to people, things they wanted, for cheap. In my mind the factor that made it the best was the fact that you had no idea what the person looked like, if they had alternative motives upon showing up, or why they would buy this junk. I would try and predict what the person would look like based on what the item was and the sound of their voice on the phone, I was mostly way off.

I was selling a lot of stuff and was getting down to things that had little value, things we just planned on trashing, selling them just for the pure enjoyment and curiosity if they would sell. One of the last things was a cheap DVD player. Very cheap. You could tell it was a low quality piece of technology. It worked correctly and we didn't want it so it became an item to sell. I posted it for $10, just for starters thinking no one would want to buy this thing, as old as it was. I got a call about it and someone was interested.

Whenever this guy called he was always very short on the phone. Never said good bye or anything that would end a conversation, he would just hang up. The day he called and said he was heading over I gave him directions. We waited and waited and he never showed. I got a call later from a different number and the person told me it was the guys mom and they got lost but would come if I gave her the directions. When they finally arrived they both looked very sketching, from the car they were driving to the way they were dressed. They just had that Garden City look to them. I walked up to the passenger side window where the guy was sitting. He looked to be about nineteen, and like a drug addict. His mom had that persona as well. They were in a tiny old beat up Fiesta. I handed the DVD player through the window and he asked if it worked, without looking at me or making eye contact. I told him it did and he said he wanted proof. He said he wanted to come inside and plug it in. I thought, 'oh geez, this is it, he has a knife or gun' . I truly believed they had those plans to rob me I thought Craigs List shoppers all had. I was one step ahead of him when I said 'I'll open the garage' (I will have to add at this point that our landlord, Lorret, lived right next door to us. She is a very nice lady but seemed very hesitant to have us live here.) Anyways, in the garage I pluged it in and showed him it worked so he pulled out his ten dollars, right at that time Lorret came around the corner talking and startled both of us. His reaction was to shove the money in my had, take the DVD player and run into his car. This all made Lorret turn around and walk away. So what she saw was me and some ghetto looking dude huddled in my garage and he hands me money and runs off. I walked over and tried to explain but I couldn't find a chance to bring it up. haha. Oh and months later we saw that same weirdo buying a fan in the middle of November. Who needs a fan when it is freezing out?

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