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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dominos Dumpster

Where we live we have to collect our trash and put it on the curb once a week. Where we lived before we had a dumpster out front. No matter how much trash you had once you threw it over the gate into the dumpster it suddenly became someone elses problem and not yours. I have been adjusting to collecting out garbage in the garage. I hate having it sit there in my garage. It bothers me. On top of that we have a tiny garage so if we try and park in there you are stepping over trash bags and that's annoying. I just can't stand it being there. We build up a lot of trash here with the five of us. I finally have my own personal garage and I don't want to use it as a storage for trash.

As I have said before we live right behind a little Dominos Pizza. They have a dumpster that isn't locked up. As soon we get trash, it becomes theirs. Actually, they are open late and I am scared to take it there when they are open so I find myself waking up early than normal to make trash trips over there. I even find myself planning on waking up a little earlier for work to take trash there. So recently I have been getting bold. After Christmas we had so much trash and boxes and gift bags I had to fill the Jeep just to drive over there and unload it all. Last night we cleaned our closet and I threw away what must have been a hundred wire hangers. A few weeks ago we cleaned out the kids toy box and I threw away tons of broken, gross old toys. I wonder if Dominos ever comes out and looks in their dumpster.

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