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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stories from this house 3

The house we rent is owned by a really nice couple who live in Nevada. They own a lot of properties that they rent here in Boise/Meridian/Eagle. Whenever they come to Boise they stay for a few days and they park their RV trailer in a huge two car shed that is located behind our house.

We learned that the shed once used to be part of this house but they don't rent it out that way. It remains empty while they aren't here, and they lock it up and use it for storage. The people they bought this place from when they bought it years ago was a mother and her son. The son was really messed up on drugs and just tore this place apart before he went off to prison. When out landlords bought the house they had to gut it and remodel. We were the first to move in after that so we lucked out there. Before the old owners son went to Prison he decided to live in the shed out back. He designed it to his liking while he lived in it.

One day when our landlords were in town I went back there to visit and went into the shed. This was my first time seeing the inside. This was the craziest place I have seen in awhile. While the guy was messed up on some super hard drugs he scribbled all these sayings and Bible verses all over every single wall and just everywhere. He painted all kinds of faces and just weird stuff. He made his own bathroom in this shed. The bathroom was the trippiest part. The tile he used for the floor gave off this three dimensional look. While the walls in this bathroom had pieces of broken tile glued in random order from floor to ceiling. It was a total eye sore. He had build these very unsafe stairs upto where his room was. I wanted to go see it so bad but I haven't yet. Aubrey hasn't been out there before and she is super jealous.

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