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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Boise

Whenever I drive by Internet Auto Sales on Fairview I always remember way back in the day when it used to be a home improvement store called Ernst. Or when I go by Big Lots I remember when it used to be McFrugles and before that Pic-N-Sav.
I then like remembering other stores or changes. Like remember on Overland and Fivemile there was a store called Emporium? Or when Golds Gym on Fairview used to be a craft store called Macs? Or the grocery place on Chinden and Glenwood called Max Foods? Still empty since. Or skate world? Or how TJ Maxx used to be across Milwakee from Shopko? Or how downtown there used to be a huge hole in the ground BMX track called Fort Boise? Or remember when Costco used to be where Cabelas is now? Or that place called Discovery Zone. Or remember when Sizzler used to be down off Capital and University? The building has since been demolished. Remember in the mall when it used to be Zumiez or Mr. Rags? Remember when the Walmart on Overland and Cole finally got groceries? It was being remodeled forever. Or remember Wild Waters?

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