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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As of last night I have finally been to all my classes. I am totally stoked to be in College and wanna talk and talk and tell everyone about it. I am in Math025 with Aubrey at a high school way back off Victory between Five Mile and Maple Grove. I have a Communications 101 class right after Math at the same place also with Aubrey this is twice a week. The math is basically Algebra 1 so not too bad but the teacher talks soooo fast. She seems really nice though. Communications seems like it will be a sweet class, lots of fun and very interesting stuff. I think I will learn a lot of stuff I could use in real life there.
I have English 101 online. This is the first time I have taken an online class and it makes me very nervous. I found it very overwhelming upon first logging on. There seemed to be so much going on with downloading the syllabus and calendar just to find out what my assignments were going to be. I had some confusion with the multiple assignments and with just adding to a discussion or communication board. I am used to having a teacher in front of me state to me and a class what the homework is. It is very different having to go searching for the assignments then finding a place to post them.
I think I will be able to be more open with my writing if I am not worried about being judged since a face can't be put to my writing. I know that I will enjoy being able to learn something new and learn it in a new context.
My Sociology 101 class meets for three hours every Monday out at the BSU/CWI campus in Nampa. That class seems like it will be a blast. I am very excited. It seems like it will help open eyes to see the world in a different way.
The classes aren't as diverse as I thought they would be but they are very full. I thought I might know a few people as well but other than Aub-o I don't. Its seems like its all going to be a lot of work and study and reading but as of recently my job has been super slow. I guess I am just overly excited because I have been wanting to do this for awhile and have recently become ready. I wouldn't have gotten into it if it wasn't for Aubrey signing me up and doing all the paper work. I love you and wanna say thanks.

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