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Thursday, February 12, 2009

And y'all thought I was done reppin' the Simpsons!

I went and met with Andrew at Chalace Tattoo to talk a little more about my tattoo. I gave him the idea of what I wanted and he made the idea into what would work best on my body.

I have always wanted something on my chest/shoulder but I thought I would get the tat on my left side along my ribs. I figured that would be a good place with no hair and a place large enough, also protecting it from the sun. I read and heard that the ribs is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed though. I changed my mind and I am going with the chest/shoulder under the agreement to myself that I would shave a little and use a lot of lotion during the summers. So what is it? It is a branch of a lemon tree! Owen will understand the Simpsons reference. I am so excited. I am getting the first actual work done next Wednesday. The part making me the most nervous is my collar bone. My collar bone sticks out so much, it looks like a crowbar in a trash bag. I guess I will just have to be a big boy.

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