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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the subject of needles..

Months ago while Aubrey was pregnant she had an appointment and I was able to go with her. As I said earlier I am no good with anything hospitally blood and gutsy. I felt fine for this though. It was just an average check up. I stood next to her bed while they put the IV's in. I watched as the nurse missed the vein, and missed again. Blood came pouring out. I pictured in my head a large vein with a needle coming straight into it. I felt very light headed right about then and sat down. The next thing I remember was the nurse that was helping Aubrey and a new nurse suddenly right in front of me trying to talk to me but I couldn't talk. Everything was really blurry and Grey. I kept trying to reach for my cell phone to verify the time and date, to be sure this wasn't a dream. I couldn't move either. Finally, slowly I could talk and tried figuring out what happened. The second nurse was wheeling in a new bed for me to lye down in. When I stood up to walk to the new bed, I noticed I had peed myself.

So here I am coming in with my wife to one of her appointments and instead I am lying next to her in a bed with a thing to check my heart rate. I guess what happened was I fainted. I did it while sitting which from Aubreys point of view was terrifying. She didn't know the IV's were messing with my head so she just noticed I was being quiet and looked over at me to see me with my head titled back and drool and my eyes rolled back and I am hardly breathing.

I felt so bad. I felt very embarrassed. I was also scared and saddened because I wanted to make it to the babies birth but I didn't want to faint in the O.R. A normal birth is bad but Aubrey was getting a Cesarean. In the end I barely made it from work to witness the birth, and I did just fine when he came out. Focusing on holding back tears, no time to faint.

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  1. i still remember how scary that was and how we were all nervous you'd pass out in the OR. you're remembering incorrectly though. the time you passed out, i was in preterm labor (remember, it was the night we spent the night and i got all those shots to try to stop the contractions?) and it was like, 2AM so you were exhausted and hungry -- which is probably why you passed out. poor husband. :(