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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today Aubrey, Atticus and I went to Chalace Tattoo for Aubreys tattoo appointment. I talked with Aubreys tattoo artist, Andrew, and showed him a few things I printed off that had various ideas of what I wanted tattooed on me. He said he would do it and that he actually had an appointment open tomorrow at noon. I was surprised and it caught me off guard that it would be that sudden, but I said I'd be there. He said he would take my idea and do it in a little different way than I was planning, which is o.k. with me. I was expecting that. I am excited and nervous. I don't do well at all with needles and blood. The tattoo needle is very different looking from the needles that terrify me, and I am hoping there won't be much blood. I am also planning on getting it in a pretty painful spot, but I might switch that.

While Aubrey got tattooed I took Atticus home to sleep so I could do some homework and some casual reading in peace. Atticus woke up just in time to go get Mom and we headed out. When we got back home from getting Mom I had nothing to do and wanted to get out of the house. I am getting cabin fever from not working or something. I loaded up Atti in his stroller and we walked to the Library so Mom could sleep. Atticus has an ex-girlfriend that works at the Library and she didn't even recognize him. We stopped at On the Fly so I could get my Boise Weekly and Bawls Energy and headed home before it rained. Aubrey fell asleep while we were gone and Atti was worn out so he just fell asleep in the big kids room. I might read, or watch the news. Maybe math homework.

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