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Monday, February 16, 2009

For Peanut, For the Dedicated Servers

You guys should do a Boise Version of 'Brooklyn Girls'

Peanut: "I don't want a biddy if shes from Garden City, cause they ain't nothin' like them Boise girls. Girls from Eagle think they are a big deal, but they ain't nothin' like them Boise girls......."

you can think up more Nut.


  1. lol i'll have to think about that, though i'm sure mcmd would be up for that!

  2. Maybe I could do this after I finish my Charles Hamilton Tribute song I have been working on.

  3. oh matt, you're suddenly so much less sexy to me. charles hamilton is the musical equivalent of a party foul. unacceptable, embarrassing and punishable.