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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Mcdonalds

Today we drove to Caldwell to go to a state of the art Micky D's. They had a slide resembling a keyboard, that when you went down it, it made sounds as if you were sliding down a keyboard. This Micky D's had a basketball free throw arcade game, that was free, and a huge jungle gym. After we ate there we went to the kids great grandma/grandpa's house to have pizza. Atticus threw up everywhere, a few times.

Grandpa Roberts loves arguing about global warming, but I know very little about it. He loves telling me what he knows and what he believes about it. I find it very interesting but I am bad at history and bad at science so when he talks its above my head. On the drive home I planned on reading but Noah had thousands of questions to ask. Questions about seat belts, the dump truck at my old job, barns, and hospital helicopters. He also had to tell me about someones hair cut he didn't like. Maddie ate a whole apple. Like 'whole' meaning the entire thing.

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  1. damn son that mcdonald's sounds nice! i need to go there just for that!