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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

I made dinner for the kids(pics) while Aubrey got ready. Eggs and hot dogs they ate. Aubreys mom came over and watched all three of the kids at our house while we went out.

We went to Wok Inn Noodle on Emerald. It is next to Emerald Lanes and the Navajo Club. Wok Inn Noodle is a Chinese Restaurant run by one old Chinese guy named Chin. He seats you, takes your order, goes back and cooks it, and brings it out to you. He is his only employee. Normally. Last night he had a nice white boy helping. The restaurant is a large place and there are stacks of old National Geographics, newspapers, old records, lamps, books, and other miscellaneous stuff piled everywhere. Chin occasionally, when not busy, will pick up an old National Geographic and flip through it. He is a very nice old man who is very friendly with everyone. The food is very good, and is very inexpensive. You get a hefty portion, and if you run out of noodles, Chin offers more.

We did have to wait quite a while last night for our food even with Chins extra help because there were a few other tables. After we left Wok Inn we went to Fred Meyer and bought some house plants for our house and Aubrey found some super cute jewelry on sale. We left Fred Meyer and stopped to get some coffee. When we got home, the big kids were asleep but Atticus was wide awake. He played for awhile while Aubrey put our new house plants around.(pic, you can also see in the picture that our house is an owl refuge. Aubrey collects owls either as gifts or broken ones from thrift stores that need cared for and repaired.) After Atti settled, we started the movie we rented, W., the movie about George W. Bush(if you want free movie rentals type in 'free redbox codes' in google. thats all we do. over and over again). It was an alright movie. It jumped around a lot at the beginning but it came together and was fairly interesting. It was very long and we were tired, so we didn't even finish it.

It was nice to spend time with my beautiful wife and go out for some peace and quiet. It was nice eating some good food with just the two of us. Thank you Aubreys mom!

Sorry Dedicated Servers that we didn't make to the Neurolux to see you perform last night but it sounded like you guys rocked it. Wo wo wo! ...........I have spent the past two days downloading 7 Charles Hamilton mixtapes. Man, don't sleep on Hammy, he's on his way. Some people don't like him. Aubrey said his voice sounds like he is pooping. I like it. I mean I like his music, not the pooping voice sound. It sounds fine to me. I normally don't like mixtapes, so I was surprised to see that I enjoyed his. Download the mixtape called 'Outside Looking Out' if you wanna check him out. Or go to youtube and type in Brooklyn Girls.


  1. oh god brooklyn girls is the worst, give aubrey my props because i agree with her! you need to check out turbo, that's where the real money is! he's got free mixtapes too!

    hey it's cool you guys didn't make it, but i will say you guys missed a good one! we'll probably post a video or something soon but it was good. i'm sure there will be more to come anyway.

    i will say, there was a really strange pop for when i mentioned it. we'll show you the video sometime when i said it and everyone cheered.

    "put an x on it; i'm a corrupt file, untraceable and unlocatable like kyles-drunk: is not my status..."

  2. Lubi and I had chinese food for valentines day too. No joke