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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our garage had the worst floor ever. Just a really ugly floor. We finally bought some carpet to put down. I think it looks much nicer. You can see Aubrey's new bike over there too.

We had a lot of trash in there. I wanted to take a picture of the garage with new carpet without the trash so I did what I always do, I took it to Dominos. I filled their little dumpster. Our computer box, two rolls of carpet, and some scrap wood. To be fair I did finally eat there yesterday.

When everyone sees that we live behind Dominos they ask, "oh, you must eat there all the time". We have lived here about 6 months and before yesterday, we never have eaten there.

The night before last Aubrey and I were craving Sushi so we went to Winco and got some. We have eaten Winco Sushi before and it wasn't all that bad. When I woke up yesterday morning I felt hung over. We assumed it was from the imitation crab or shrimp or something. I laid in bed all day and threw up. When I started feeling better I was craving something greasy. Aubrey had already eaten, and I didn't want to go to far so I finally walked over to Dominos for the first time to purchase food. I got one of their Oven Roasted Subs. Chicken Bacon Ranch. It was pretty good. $4.99 though, pretty expensive. Now we can say that one of us has eaten there atleast once, and I won't feel bad for using their dumpster.

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