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Monday, February 9, 2009

New hat/ intervention/

So I still can not find that same hat I talked about in an earlier post for sale anywhere. I have kept looking and looking but I found one that I like almost as much. That first hat fit so perfect and always looked so good. This new one is pretty sweet at well, and I will treat it with the same love and respect as the old.

We have been watching a T.V. show called Intervention. It is such entertaining telly. They have people with problems with addictions on, whether it be alcohol, drugs or even an eating addiction. There was even a kid on there with diabetes that was addicted to not taking his insulin, which was killing him. They tell the subject that they are going to interview them about their addiction, when in actuality they are planning with the persons family to have an intervention. The show goes on to talk about the persons life and how much they use and how they came to be like, then when the person thinks they are going to their last interview their family is waiting there with and interventionist. We have seen some good episodes such as a kid that injects Oxycontin, or a lady that would inhale computer dusters. I suggest you check it out. It comes on A&E on Mondays, they usually show two episodes in a row, both an hour long. They come on at 8. Here is the website with show listings and you can actually watch a few on there.


  1. dude, i almost bought that hat a long long time ago!

  2. don't lie peanut. its an ill hat. it fits really well and has a tough texture.

  3. I watch Intervention too. Can you believe that people ACTUALLY inhale that crap?