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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Towel Baby/New Shoes

Atticus got a new outfit from Noble and it looks like it is made out of a bath towel. We started calling him 'Towel Baby' while he wore it. Then we remembered that Aubrey is 1/4 Middle Eastern and that makes Atticus 1/8 Middle Eastern. We stopped calling him Towel Baby so he wouldn't be offended. He already gets profiled at the Court House when we used to go pay my fines.

My new shoes came. I sold those Nikes SB Crew Pack and used the money to purchase these. I bought them from CCS. I went from having Nikes that maybe a few others in the state have, to.....we will see if they pick up. I know Peanut will be crossing his fingers for me. P.S., if you sign up for one of CCS's catalogs, they send one every week. I can't imagine how many I will get now that I purchased something from them.

Also Atticus ate his first solid food this morning. We mixed formula with Rice Cereal and he ate! I took a video but I will take a better one tomorrow morning when he eats again.

I went into my work today. Or my old work. It is so slow. I haven't worked there for about 4 weeks. They laid another guy off and closed half the shop down. The three remaining guys said it is so boring there. They just walk around and sweep.

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  1. supras are mega fresh. been wanting a pair for myself lately.