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Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost April

My Dad bought 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' and read it. When he was done he gave it to me, now I have a copy with a cool cover.

Aubrey and I have our classes picked out for the summer semester, hopefully we can get into all of them.

I worked this last week, after not having worked for three months. It felt weird to be back at work. It was fun to see everyone and feel productive. There just isn't enough work that I can stay full time yet though, if ever. I have next week off but I will probably work the week after next. I am just playing it be ear while I keep my eye open for job postings.

Busy weekend, the big kids have a birthday party tomorrow, and Aubreys mom wanted to have them over to her house on her own for one on one time. She likes to do crafts with them, things we hesitate to do here because of the mess. Then on Sunday we are planning to go to Aubreys old church with the whole fam. We visited our landlords church last weekend out of politeness because she kept inviting us. Noah really enjoyed the Sunday school, and Atticus hated being left with the nursery staff.

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