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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dominos Fire

Aubrey and I were watching Arrested Development about 20 mins ago when we heard a fire truck pull down our street. We waited for him to drive down past our house but he never did. We looked out the window and the firetruck had stopped at Dominos. Then three other fire trucks showed up. The store didn't appear to be on fire, then suddenly a fireman, excuse me, firefighter ran out with a burning trash can. He dumped the trash can out into the parking lot and whatever was burning inside of it kept burning on the ground. They then put the fire out with their hoses. It was fun to watch, it was raining really hard the entire time. We wanted so bad to get Noah up to see it all, but he and Maddie had been asleep for bedtime already for an hour. If we would have woken them up they would have been a big mess to put back down. It smells really bad like burnt pizza outside, in the rain. An ambulance showed up later and took a Dominos employee with them.

I tried to take some pictures. I wish I would have earlier when there were four fire trucks here with all their lights on.

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