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Monday, March 16, 2009

Attiucs' Bike Seat

Aubrey looked around online at safety reviews for child bike seats and child bike carriers to help us decide how to take the entire family out on bike rides. We thought about getting one of those 'trail-a-bike' things that is like half a bike for Noah to hook onto Aubreys bike but everyone posted that they are unsafe and commonly jack knife. We also thought about buying another bike trailer but they are so expensive and Noah will be off on his own soon with no training wheels. We ended up with this(pic) plastic bike seat that is harnessed to the tail end of Aubreys bike. It was a pain in the tush to have it work with Aubreys bike. The child seat is a 'one size fits all' concept, though not all bikes are the same size or design. I made it work and hopefully didn't scratch Aubreys new cruiser up too much or bend the rear fender or the fender brackets. We put Atticus in it and went up the street once and he seemed very happy to look around and has always loved the breeze in his hair.

Next time the weather is decent enough we are planning to head out to a few parks but in the mean time we are looking for a tiny bike helmet for Atticus.

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