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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bike Ride

Yesterday Aubrey and I decided the weather was nice enough that we could go ride our bikes. We bought Aubrey a really nice cruiser a few months ago because she did not have one and we have plans to go on many bike rides this summer. Noah is very good at riding his bike but I don't think he is ready to ride on his own on long bike rides yet. I am going to be pulling a lot of weight with both Maddie and Noah in the bike trailer this year, they have gained size since last summer. Aubrey and I will keep our eyes open for a bike seat for Atticus to stick on Aubreys bike. One of those plastic ones where he sits above her rear tire or one where he sits between Aubrey and her handle bars. If we can find that then all of us would be set. Relatively close to where we live there are plenty of parks with playgrounds and I think it would be fun to load up the whole family on our bikes and pack lunches and head out on a Parks-With-Playground Bike Tour.

So anyways yesterday we wanted to take Aubreys bike out so bad that we just stuck Atticus in his car seat and stuck his car seat in the bike trailer. The car seat fit snug and didn't budge so we headed out and went around the neighborhood and back. On our way home some guy on a bike yelled 'Kyle? Kyle? Kyle? Kyle?' repeatedly at me, and I had no idea who he was. Atticus enjoyed the ride and half slept the entire time.

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