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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final Tattoo

I think my tattoo is pretty well healed. I felt like writing about it.

The idea of the lemon branch itself came from a Simpsons episode called 'Lemon of Troy'. In the episode Bart defaces a segment of sidewalk and Marge gives him a talk about town pride. Later Bart notices that the rival town, Shelbyville, has stole Springfields prized lemon tree making Bart decide to take his mothers talk about town pride and put it to use. Bart gathers up his friends and heads into Shellyville on an expedition to find his town's loved tree.

I have always had a deep love for the Simpsons growing up. It is something that my best friend Owen and I had a shared love for and we always made time to enjoy the episodes. After seeing all the episodes multiple times I decided on a favorite, 'Lemon of Troy'. I loved the idea of Bart and his friends as boys heading into a town in search of something. It always reminded me of the times when Owen and I or Jon and I or all three of us would ride I bikes from morning to night fall. We used to think it was the greatest thing to make a day out of riding our bikes two miles down into town to loiter at store after store. Spending time at Hastings, across the street to Fred Meyer then on to Honks! to spend our allowance on candy, soda and chips. I was always fond of those time, summers spent like that. Or times when we might head out on our bikes even further having such a strong sense of freedom and power. On our bikes is also we first met Francis, back when he was and outsider, before he became an inside outsider. I loved those days and I always look back on them, remembering how much I enjoyed myself.

I remember how many times Owen and I must have seen each episode of the Simpsons. Becoming true connoisseurs deciding which seasons were lame before they got really good, and then when it took a turn for the worst and started producing such horrible episodes. Episodes that are on TV now. Later on in my life the good seasons of Simpsons started coming out on DVD and I purchased them all on release date. I could always sit down and re-watch all those episodes I had sense forgotten about.

Now, years later I have sold all those DVDs but I still have all the memories, but I wanted something physical to remember all those good times with.

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  1. A little human interest story for you Kyle: Years ago (approx. 14) I took the kids to a "Simpson On Ice" show at the LA Sports Arena. The boys were REALLY into the Simpsons just like you. Adam & Chris 23 now, Jake is 25. ANYWAY I went to the snack bar with Adam leaving the others with my friend and who do I see but Matt Groening! I went up and said "Hi" and he was soooo NICE and truly happy that I actually reconized him that he drew me a Bart picture on the back of a cardboard drink/food carrier which I still have! A collectors item I would say and it means a lot to me!