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Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, as you know my friends got me a Barnes and Noble gift card on my one year sober birthday. I used the gift card online for a better selection and I bought them used, much cheaper resulting in more books for your buck. Yesterday the last of the books arrived, I was able to purchase six books in all.

I color coded our front book shelf, I really like the way it looks. I stole the idea from Saucy Dwellings.

We bought Atticus a used Bumbo on Craigslist and it is working out really well. We set him up infront of the computer last night to do some of his computer related stuff he does on his compter.

We are baby sitting our landlords twin son boys tomorrow who are 4 years old. Aubrey and I are both excited for that, I think it will be fun, they are nice boys.

Springbreak is next week, we have the first season of Arrested Development to watch if we get bored, and I am sure we will get out there on our bikes if the weather permits. I am sure we will do a lot of reading as well.

Last weekend Aubrey pretty much finished her Victorian Chair that she painted and put fabric on. It just needs touched up in a few areas. I think it is an awesome look. We rearranged our bedroom and made a new picture/artwork thing for our room. We painted it, and Aubrey put fabric on one side, then we put lace around the inside of the border. Aubrey explained to me that that is what Kitsch is.


  1. Ishmal is really good you will thoroughly enjoy it being a fellow student of human nature such as myself. You should have let me known you were wanting to read it I could have let you barrow it and saved yourself a few $$.

    - cody

  2. i have read it, i just wanted to own it. i was glad to hear that you enjoyed it, sam told me.

  3. hey atticus while you are on the computer check out this web site it has a bunch of stuff with your name on it. Love granpa E

  4. that chair is illmatic.