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Friday, May 1, 2009

Disrespect the Dresscode!

I saw a pair of Vans online that I wanted to buy, they aren't all that expensive about $42, so I was planning on buying them down the rode. Then we went to Walmart and saw a pair of slip ons that were all white that look like a pair of Vans slip ons. Even though the Vans I originally wanted weren't slip ons I bought the $10 Walmart ones and decided to draw the shoes myself. They came out looking alight, you can tell they are homemade. The design is called 'Mondrain', it is a art design that Vans used from the creater Piet Mondrain. I took some pictures, below are the before, the after, and a picture of the Vans. p.s. Scotch Guard burns your hands.....