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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Only fifteen minutes to go till the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season 5 premiere!

Our garden is doing really well, with all the stuff lookin' good. Tending to our garden is something Aubrey and I both look forward to each day. The Mexi-Bell peppers are looking really good and the sunflowers double in size everyday. The radishes came up real quick, while the cilantro has already been pruned.

Tomorrow we can buy our books for the summer semester! I am taking Psychology 101 in class, and online I am taking Anthropology 101, History 111 and English 102. The semester starts next Monday, June 1st. I can't wait!

Today Atticus has been sickly, very congested and runny nosey. He took two super long naps, which was nice, I got plenty of reading time, and looking at counterfeit clothes online while Aubrey made some really good looking baby shower gifts for the twin girls her cousin is having. Aubrey is making them two totally cute looking outfits, makes us want another baby girl.

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