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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day(Represent!)

Tomorrow is also the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 where they talk about how shitty their relationship has gotten. I have become quite the fan of the show since being laid off thanks to all the reruns on TLC through out the day. I enjoyed watching it since having 8 kids is almost like having 3. Then all the recent drama happened and now I, along with Aub, need to watch tomorrows episode!

Sam, Cody, and Noble invited us, next Saturday, to go the the new like park on Ustick and Meridian. It is a park with no bark but like this rubber trampoline stuff. You'd have to walk on it to understand. They have tons of musical stuff there though, and play fountains. They kids really enjoyed it the one time we went last summer, back when it took my ENTIRE paycheck to fill up our Jeep.

I read some good books by David Brooks, a comedic Sociologist. I loved them a lot, he writes a lot for the NY Times(click for his stuff) now I got a good book where a guy tries to live one year exactly like the Bible says too. I think it will be a fun read. Matt had told me about a different book that the author had written back awhile ago. Then I got a good old Sociology book about the ways stratification changes cities.

My parents came over today to visit all of us and surprised us with an inflatable back yard pool, a kiddie one, with a slide. I know the kids will be obsessed with it. They all love the water, no matter the situation. The big kids are both a little hesitant about going under, but next weekend should be fun.

My father works at Coca-Cola and gets free Roaring Springs tickets every year. We took the kids a few times last year to see the new kiddie section they had. This year my father informed me of a Roaring Springs credit card thingy he will get for us where we can go as many times in any specific weekend for that weekend!!!! Whoooo sunburns for me! Just me. Maybe Atticus.

I am not sure why I said Represent in the title.

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