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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penny Jar

Today we needed some stuff but had no cash-on-hand so we emptied the penny jar that I love so much to contribute to. Finally the jar had a purpose, I was hoping it would be further down the line when the jar itself was much fuller but it never seems to grow. We are always picking the quarters out of there, but today we poured the entire thing out. I loaded Atticus into the bike trailer and the two of us headed off to Albertsons with a ziplock bag full of change. Both Aubrey and I weren't expecting the change to total that much but after I poured it all into the Coin Star it came out to be a little over $9. Coin Star takes 8.9% so our total coin wealth was $8.44. I was able to get the few things we needed, and a few more.

I had about $2 left over, and with that money I figured it was a perfect opportunity for Atticus to meet his first bum. The chosen bum was very homeless looking, very sunburnt. I felt very bad for this guy, I have beautiful children, a cute little house, and a beautiful wife waiting at said house cooking banana nut muffins, and the bum had nothing but a sign, and that sun burn. I don't know, maybe he was one of this fake bums, but he was sure able to pull it off if that were the case. Either way both Atticus and I felt good giving him the money, Atticus found it quite rewarding to meet his first bum.

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