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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Broken Dollar Store Watch

As I've said before we live down the street from a dollar store. Living close to a dollar store saves you money, and gives you plenty of candy choices. Living down the street from a Library, local gas station, and Boise Weekly bin are a few things I will miss. I hope when we move, if we do, God willing, that we will live behind a Redbox. Redboxes are a blessing when you have the internet, google 'free redbox codes'. Anyways, I found a sweet yellow watch at the dollar store months ago, but today I broke it while chewing on it. I am posting a pic of Aubrey and I, even though it is like two weeks old. She got a new hair cut today, one I think looks really good, she likes it a lot too. I will post that one following.

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