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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ghost Ride da Whip

Aubrey and I were talking about ghost riding whips the other day, I don't remember why. It is quite an old trend now, I had first learned about it from my friend Adam Dixon while I visited him in the Bay Area of Cali. It is, or used to be a very popular thing down there to leave your car in drive while getting out and dancing to loud 'hyphy' music along side your car as it slowly drove down the street completely vacant of any passengers or even a driver. I wanted to try it, but as I have not had a license in quite sometime I had to work with what I had access to and availability to drive. I used a Hyster. I made this video some time ago but I came across it today. Great demonstration of what ghost riding a whip looks like with a Hyster, lack of music, in a loud factory.

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  1. I totally remember you sending me this video. Although, I gotta say, in the 2+ years i have been down here, I don't think i have ever actually seen anybody Ghost Ride their whip. Maybe it is going out of style.