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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday we went and looked at another huge house in Nampa. It was three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage, fenced back yard all for $695 a month. We are waiting to hear back Monday if we got the house. By this time we expected to be buying a home but with my recent job loss it is hard to, and not the best idea. It works out anyway because where we are currently going to school is not the place we want to live forever.
The house was about eight miles deep into Nampa just off the boulevard. It is not somewhere we want to live forever, but for the next year or two it will save us a large chunk of money. 1. The rent for a three bedroom house is much cheaper in Nampa than Boise, 2. Gas, right now we drive back and forth to Nampa four times a week, 18 miles both ways from where we currently live. 3. Aubrey has gotten a decent job offer out there, again moving out there would save gas with that. We really need a three bedroom house and while we go to CWI it is better to live in Nampa. After we graduate in two years we will transfer our credits to BSU, or we are talking about going to one of the schools in Portland.

I finally started recording cartoons all week on the DVR for the big kids. It has been such a blessing. Before I started doing this if we were staying inside for the day(like today with the rain) the kids would go crazy with boredom. They would play with their toys and eventually get bored and run around crazy. Madeline when lacking stimuli would want to eat. She would seriously just eat and eat and eat. It's hard to describe and it is no minor laughing thing, she would really eat so much for her size. Then ask for more food 10 minutes later. Now with cartoons, these cartoons are something new that keep both their attention. Madeline no longer follows Aubrey and I around asking for food minutes after eating a large meal for her size. They both sit quietly and watch Handy Manny or Dora. I listen to the cartoons in and out, and they are very educational, something the kids can learn a lot from. Not all of them fall into furthering the stereotypical gender roles. Handy Manny buys his hardware from a hardware store owned and ran by a women.
I am not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, now the children are being entertained, educated, and not running crazy making messes because they need something to keep their attention.

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  1. the best part of this post was when you said "eight miles deep into Nampa" What the hell?? Is Nampa a lake?