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Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Months

I haven't worked for six months. This is new for me. Atticus and I are watching South Park while he eats Baby Mum Mums, it is very scary here, we are alone and there is loud thunder. He sits next to me while I am at the computer, while the T.V. is far away.

I haven't worked for 6 months, other than a three week period. This is a large change for me.

After graduating from high school I got a job with a local construction company doing anything and everything. I worked pouring foundations, framing, interior work, roofing, siding, demolition, and clean up. I did all this in hot hot weather or in waist deep snow in the mountains, all with a heavy tool belt on. I did that for three years, 40 hour weeks, then I had to quit. I then started working at Albertsons. I got hired on as a cashier and then started working in the lobby and still cashiering as well a few months in. The particular Albertsons I worked at was a union store, meaning that employees had to steal or do something illegal in the store to get actually get fired. With that being said, people called in sick all the time. As we were the 2nd busiest Alberstons around, right after 17th Street, when a few people called in sick, it made a drastic impact, so managers always needed someone to cover and I always would. I ended up working many hours a day, I honestly worked almost every single day of the week between doing my hours and filling in for some of my fellow coworkers hours. I decided to quit that job, and I ended up working at a place called Coatings Plus, hanging heavy steel and wrought iron so I could push it into a 400 degree oven. This was a standard 8-4:30 five days a week job. I worked there for almost three years when my hours got cut from 40 to 30 hours a week. Then down to 20 hours a week, until I was told to stay home and wait for a call when there was work. Here I am now, six months later. It is a large change for me to be home like this, now I look forward to mowing the lawn, blowing up inflatable sea horses, or folding cloth diapers to feel productive.

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