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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Right now our house is much too little for us.

Atticus, Noah/Maddie, and Me/Aubrey all have different sleep schedules during the day. Atticus takes 3-4 naps a day, while Noah/Maddie take one three hour nap at about 11 or noon while Aub and I only occasionally nap. So Atticus and the big kids need separate rooms for separate nap times. Atticus has been sleeping in our bedroom, but he makes too much noise at night, keeping me and Aubrey up, and he probably feels the same about us. Said, we need a three bedroom house. As of now out little two bedroom house is much too small, Atticus sleeps in the laundry room when the big kids are here, on the laundry room floor. The rent for a three bedroom house in Boise is $100-$300 more a month that in Nampa. Right now in Nampa we can get a three bedroom house for about the same we are paying in rent here. Plus in Nampa, we would be much closer to school. The only negative things are; we don't know Nampa, we would be far away from family and friends(some), and we would miss the stores in Boise. We really need a third bedroom though, I miss having a full night of sleep, and I think with Atticus having his own room we could achieve that. We went out to the Karcher Mall today, it was very depressing. Creepy stores, one that sold knives, paintball guns, offensive t-shirts and I am pretty sure bongs, IN THE MALL! If you want a quality bong there has got to be a better place! Ha! I am pretty sure I sent the first 'Tweet' from Nampa too!

Aubrey has a job interview in Nampa as a manager at Ross out there, so that would be a plus. To sum it all up, we are going to look at a 2000sq three bedroom house for $695 a month, and we might move soon.....

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  1. Downtown Nampa's pretty rad. It kinda feels like a time warp. It felt safe though. If it makes you feel any better, my rent is $795... for a studio (ie. no bedrooms).

    When do you plan on moving?