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Monday, June 8, 2009


So, as I posted earlier, phrom my phone, we got that house. We are going to go talk to the management company this week about a move in date. We want to move in really soon because we are using too much gas driving back and forth to Nampa. The house is wonderful. Huge...average, but huge in comparison to where we are now. It has a fenced-in back yard, though the yard needs much work. Nothing I can't handle, nor want to. The house is in a REAL neighbor hood with a small park with a playground in the 'hood itself.
We have acquired many new things at our current house, so moving will be a chore, especially transplanting our much loved garden. Maybe our first 'party' there will be Noahs 4th Birthday party(July 29), then everyone can come see it. It is fairly easy to get to, either freeway or U-stick, hopefully we have visitors. So, next week I might start posting some pictures, or calling people to recruit movers. Our lease is not up here until August, so for two months we will be paying double rent, but it will break even in the end with gas savings.

Aubreys interview got pushed back till later this week sometime. The job still seems very promising, so we are crossing our fingers.

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  1. Hope all goes well! Can't wait to check out the new place!