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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In our garage we have one of those sprinkler control systems. I glanced around at the yard and convinced myself that we had no sprinklers. Today I sat Atticus in the middle of the backyard and turned a lever on a pipe in the back yard. All the sudden about ten sprinklers popped out of the ground! Spraying water in every inch of the yard. I swore there was nothing there, they retreat so deep into the ground. Honestly like ten of them! So I grabbed the baby and ran for the side yard. All along the side yard we got sprayed, and along into the front yard as well. I have yet how to work them correctly but we have them. Honestly, in total, there is about twenty of them. hahah.

My watch came today. I originally saw it in an issue of Complex Magazine in a blue color. After some research I found that is also came in red. It is a Nixon Timeteller P. The 'P' stands for plastic. It took some work to get it, but in the end I payed less for it than expected.

Aubrey is in training at her new job for 5 weeks! She is really looking forward to this job, it has many things she enjoys. It will be challenging, which is good for her, its hours seem to work with our schedules; not too many hours, not too little. She also gets so much free stuff. She has already been warned by the few other girls there how much free product you get. Today, her second day there, she came home with a bag of free make-up, hair product, and skin product. I do not want to spoil it anymore, I will let her talk about it when she has time, if she ever does. Poor Aubrey.

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