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Monday, June 22, 2009


Aubrey starts her new job today, leaving me to be the stay at home dad. I get to make sure this place is clean, I get to care for bucket all day, do the dishes, and laundry. Everything I guess. I think I can handle it, AND have time to do my homework, something I need to focus on.

Our poor plants were unattended to pretty much all last week. It rained through the week while we did have time available for them, but by the time we started moving they remained un-watered until last night. We have yet to set them up here at out new house, I think they are going in the corner of the yard. They appeared to be in very bad shape, but after watering them last night, they look to be pulling themselves out of their slumps this morning.

Aubrey designed our living room, I love it. It is a more formal living room with no television, just our computer. She made a panoramic picture of it, I will steal it off her blog.



  1. those couches are dope.

  2. it looks nice and I like the sign Keep Calm!!!