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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Day Two of Olive.

Her and Atticus love to play. I was worried that she would playfully bite him and he might not like that but as of yet he does not mind. He is very curious about her and he will crawl over and grab her ears or a clump of skin. I thought this might anger her but she sees it as playfulness and wags her tail and rolls around with him while she nuzzles her nose in his face. Atticus seems a bit confused but enjoys it. He does this really cute thing where if she runs under the couch Atticus will crawl up to the edge of the couch and lower his head and look under there. It is really cute to see, he has never done that before. I made a cute video of them playing together yesterday but it came out bad since it was made on my phone. I will make a better one.

It seems as though Olive is already house trained. We have had no accidents yet, and when we take her outside she potties then. She is really good and quite, yesterday she would be very playful for a few minutes, then sleep. We bought her a doggie bed yesterday and she was very good about going to night night in it. A few times last night she would woke us up, we would take her potty and she would come back into our room and go back to sleep. She did decide to get up super early this morning and it seems like she misses her brothers/sisters because she really wants to play.

Here is that video of them playing taken from my phone.

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  1. Holy crap, that video is so cute it is sickening. I think i just got cute overload and may have to lay down on the floor for a little while to get my bearings back.