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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YMCA Caldwell

We finally made it to our Caldwell YMCA yesterday, depressing as it is only a mile from our house. With school and Aubreys' new work we have just been super busy. Anyways it was AWESOME! It is a brand new YMCA just built in 2004. Right when you walk in there is this gigantic rock wall, it was packed with kids yesterday. The whole YMCA was packed actually, karate classes going on, people just everywhere. Well Aubrey and I decided to take Atticus swimming. The pool was HUGE! The kids pool was very large too. Instead of a hard pool floor the kids pool had this rubbery textured soft floor. There were fountains shooting out of the ground and Atticus sat by them splashing in them and running his hand in and out of them. There was also a river in the pool area. It was not as long as the Roaring Springs river but this river had an offshoot where it made a little whirl pool where you could go around in circles until you got bored and then you could reconnect to the river. Atticus was enjoying it tremendously. I was surprised, he was in a really good mood and everyone was getting a kick out of seeing him smile and laugh. He really needed a happy day because with teething he has been a grump lately and we have been having some busy days lately, especially yesterday, and he needed some fun to unwind. Also the Y had a really long slide that I just had to try. It would seem like I am making this up but Im not; IT WAS THE BEST WATER SLIDE I HAVE EVER BEEN ON! I have been on a decent amount of water slides from Wild Waters, Lagoon, and Roaring Springs but this slide, at the end did a complete, really tight, 360 degree circle and I have never felt that many G's on a water slide. Honestly, I got that feeling in my stomach from spinning so fast, once I ended the ride I peeked my head above water with a big grin on my face. Then again I know how to go like super duper fast down any water slide. It is all about lessening the amount of skin contact with the slide surface, for me I use the shoulder blades and heels technique. Aubrey loved the fact that there was a large coffee bar area connected to the pool. It had coffee and snacks being sold with an area for tables and chairs for parents to sit while they watched their children. We did not stay too long as we left Olive home alone for the first time. We went and looked around a bit and saw the child care center and it looked really nice too. All this was ours for only $22 a month! I was glad we finally made it, to this state of the art Y in the middle of no where. Hopefully we will get there more often, as it is close enough to ride our bicycles to. We are talking about taking the kids this weekend. Also, planning at least, we are taking the fam to Roaring Springs this Thursday. My father, through his work, can get us free tickets. We have not had the chance to use this privilege until now and I think it will be fun. We took the big kids a hand full of times last year. This year they are a bit bigger and might enjoy it more. It will be Atticus' first time.

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