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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roaring Springs.

So we finally made it to Roaring Springs today. My dad got us some free passes from his work and we loaded up everyone and went. We pretty much just stayed in the kids pool area. The big kids are very independent now, they went all around the kids area while Aubrey, Atticus and I stayed and sat on the edge. Atticus sat in the water enjoying his occasional visits from the children as they passed by. He eventually got grumpy and bottled in the shade. We tried going in the river, that was a complete disaster. Last year it was just the four of us, and also, last year we brought in the childrens little kid rafts and they floated down the river with Aubrey and I. It worked out great, they loved it. This year we didn't even think of those rafts till we got inside and we also had one extra person. The rafts for the river are made for big people and all they offer for children are cheap life vests. We attempted to get Noah in a tube but his life vest kept chocking him, Atticus got annoyed and started fussing, and Aubrey had to hold Madeline the entire time we waited for tubes, I tried getting Noah situated, then we have to walk back up current against people because we decided we couldn't do it. The whole time the entrance to the river was crowded. All in all we had a good time, no sun burns, and tomorrow the big kids get to come meet their new puppy. The whole time we were gone, 4 hours, Olive only had one small accident. She is pretty well house broken, and we do not know how, she lived on a farm. We just kind of lucked out.

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