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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snoop Dogg or Sephora?

Aubreys work had a huge company picnic today at the park, the one in Nampa with real airplanes as statues. It was quite fun, the kids loved the the playground, it had this weird rocking boat thing that held about 25 kids it seemed. It also had this large digger thing with levers that the kids could control and dig up the play ground bark. I finally got to meet almost everyone I have heard stories about, and they all seem super nice, I can see why Aubrey enjoys working with them. Out of all of us I think Atticus ate the most. Atticus has been able to eat finger foods for some time now so I kept ripping up foods he could eat into small pieces and he chowed down. I on the other hand stuck to the sweets. I had a few lemon bars that were delicious! Tons of cookies and brownies too. Some how we got out of there without the big kids ever noticing the free desserts lined along the tables. We did all this instead of meeting Snoop Dogg. Nothing I would ever prevail to do, but with free tickets I wouldn't mind. The concert lined up exactly with the picnic and we decided it was in better favor to do something we could all enjoy then dropping the kids off at a sitter so Aubrey and I could stand around and listen to loud music filtered through second hand pot smoke. These tickets came to us because earlier in the day a customer came into Sephora to shop and heard her own song playing on the play list. She is relatively minor artist, so to her own song made her day. She is in the band with Bob Marleys son, Stephen Marley. After hearing the song she offered all the Sephora girls guest passes to her show tonight plus one, she opened for Slightly Stoopid and Snoop Dogg at the Idaho Center. We wanted to go even though it is something we would have never paid money to do, but for free it would have been fun to chill backstage with Snoop Dogg and party with Aubreys coworkers at the same time.

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