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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Stories.

Whenever I try to convey something funny the children do it never has the same outcome unless you were there or unless you hear the words, not read them. With that being said...

On my cellular phone I have the ability to make my phone read aloud texts in a womans computer voice. I thought with this I would have a little fun involving Madeline. Madeline is 2 1/2 now, she is very fluent with her verbal and listening skills. I thought I would trick her into thinking she was having a phone conversation with a relative on my phone. I decided to go with her great grandma, Grandma Roberts. I typed into my phone to make it say 'Hey Maddie, its Grandma Roberts."

I called Maddie over and said "I think someone is on the phone for you, wanna talk to them?" Maddie shook her head yes and I clicked play. In a very jaunted sounding computer voice it repeated what I had typed in earlier, "Hey Maddie, its Grandma Roberts." After the message played I turned to Maddie and asked, "Who was that!?" She looked a bit confused and said "Granma Rowberts." "Oh, what did she say?" "Hey Buddy."

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