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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You May Have Seen This Around..

As you know I have been trying to do scooter tricks for the past few weeks. I have yet to do anything terribly cool.....UNTIL TODAY! Haha oh not really. While Aubrey was at class I tried doing a few new tricks I had in mind. Atticus was well behaved in his saucer the entire time, just watching. I made tons and tons of videos, I posted a few on my Twitter account, two where I crash. Anyways I was able to do a trick where I jump up, spin 180 degrees, land just my back wheel on a 2X4, spin another 180 degrees on just that back wheel on the 2X4, then hop off the 2X4 and scooter away. I was able to do this in one smooth fluid action, granted it was after much practice and a few crashes.

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