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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still Looking

I am currently still looking for contests and sweepstakes to do. I want to just enroll in every single one I come across, thus highly raising my chances to win. I think it will be a interesting a fun experiment. I have yet to come across many, and the ones I do come across seem totally scam-ola or have lame prizes. I tried doing one at the library yesterday but it was for children only! Like I don't need a new iPod!. Well school only really has one week left, whew! I am ready to be done with it. I am excited to focus my time on reading, cleaning, Dr. Katz and my beautiful family, not in that order. Maybe a little bit of Seinfeld peppered in too. I think we are planning on having Noahs birthday here on the 25th at 4pm. He is still into tools and now firefighter stuff. He is turning 4. I handed down to Noah my old tool box that my dad handed down to me when I was younger. He loves it, we keep it in the garage. This Sunday Aubreys work is having a pot luck thing with all her co-workers and family going. Our whole family is going, I am super excited! We are thinking about taking the kids to the drive in movie theater this weekend to see UP!, I think they would enjoy that. Noah continually questions us about the drive in theater every time we pass it. We are also thinking about going to the greatest burger place in all of Idaho. It is located in Caldwell and called Hamburger Connection, maybe today we will go. We have yet to go see the YMCA that is around the corner from us. We still have our membership there, but we haven't gone by there yet. On days that Aubrey works Atticus and I have been riding bikes. He is big enough to sit in the bike trailer alone now. We have been riding to the grocery store to get popcorn and candy, or riding all the way to the library, which is quite a ride. Anyways, nothing exciting, I have not posted in awhile so I figured I would.

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