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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Survey/Contest Update

So for the contests I have done:

Taco Bell: On the Taco Bell receipt I had the chance to win $1000 if I did a survey.

Walmart: On the Walmart receipt I had the chance to win a $1000 Walmart giftcard.

Dr Pepper: On my Dr. Pepper cap I had to enter the code online to see if I was an instant winner.

Baby's R Us: On the receipt I had to fill out a survey to win an amount of money.

As I have said, every contest I come across I am going to do. I am only going to do the ones that are instant winners. This means I won't be doing things like and so on. I will focus more on contests where after entering my code or doing my survey, or what have you, I will be entered into a raffle type thing for a prize. I am only doing the ones that do not seem like a scam, are free, and do not take up a large amount of time. I am also going to pass on contests where the prize is not something I want or need.

I always see these contest everywhere, I especially noticed them on the backs of receipts asking you to do an online survey and in return you will be entered to win a large amount of money. I decided it will be a fun experiment to make a commitment to do every single one I come across. First, it will be exciting to see if I win since the more of them I am doing the more chances I have to win. Second, the field of work I want to go into deals a lot with surveying people like this, be it that someone in the sociology field at whatever company compiles all the information they gain from the surveys and directs his companys marketing at a better formulated target consumer. They do this in hopes that the people filling out the surveys answer the questions honestly, so I have been(except for Babys R Us because I didn't actually shop there, I just found the receipt here after Noahs birthday party, so I made a lot of stuff up for that one).

I am more doing the whole contest thing for fun, and also to hopefully win! I do want to go into the field of sociology but I am not sure if I want to go into this aspect of it. It has been fun so far, I keep looking forward to the next contest.

As for the Taco Bell and Dr. Pepper contest I did not win, but I am still waiting to see if I won the Walmart and Babys R Us contests.

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