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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Warp/Amazing Table Saw

If you have never seen the television show Time Warp on the Discovery Channel I suggest you watch it. It took me a few episodes to get into it because I was confused what the show was exactly about at first.

Well there are these two guys, one is a scientist, and they have special video cameras that after they capture something they can slow down the video at a super slow rate. The concept does not sound all they great but I have seen a few episodes that were very interesting to watch. There has been a few things that when you watch them slowed way down are actually really interesting, like the way dogs jump, the way things explode. It is hard to explain and maybe it would not be your thing but there has been a few really great episodes. One was on Free Running and another was on viscosity of liquids. Some episodes are pretty lame but some are very intriguing, entertaining, and also educational.

Well I saw an episode today, it was not the episode its self that was so great but the table saw they featured on this episode. I suggest watching the five minute clip and seeing it.

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  1. That was pretty badass. I'm gonna post that on my blog if you don't mind.