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Friday, August 21, 2009


I can't believe school starts on Monday. I was sure there was one more week of summer vay kay. It will be a crazy semester with Aubrey working and both of us going to school full time. Aubrey finally gets into some of her fun classes while I am still working on my cores. We are thinking about buying a laptop to use for school. We both really wanted a mini but they do not come with a CD drive? Lame.

Both our cell phones are dying. My screen has been cracked for a few weeks now, and Aubreys phone hardly takes a charge. We were thinking about getting some Blackberrys but if you get a Blackberry there is a Blackberry service that you have to get that cost $40 per phone, so that would be an extra $80 a month on our phone bill....pass. I don't know but we both could use new cellys, I think we might go shopping for new ones the end of this month.

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