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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rite Aid called me.

There I was, laying around reading. My cell phone rang with a number I did not recognize. I answered and the person on the other end asked if they could speak to Kyle Elliott.

"This is him."

"Kyle, this is blahblahblah at Rite Aid and it is my understanding that you sent in a survey to our corporate offices to be entered in a contest."

At this point I thought I had won the money. The Rite Aid prize was $1000. I could not think of any other reason someone from Rite Aid would be calling me about this, the only reason they would be calling my personal telephone was with information about collecting my prize money. I honestly thought I had one at this point.

"I see here on the survey that you mentioned something about a large mess of cigarette butts where you had locked up your bike during your visit to our store. I just wanted to call to inform you that the mess has since been cleaned up. I appreciate you taking the time to inform us of the mess. I have also since talked to some of my employees who smoke in that area and requested that they dispose of their butts in a trash receptacle."

We headed to Bangkok Thai with a $25 off coupon we got from On the front windows of Bangkok Thai there was a sign that said, 'We no longer accept coupons from'. So we walked down the street to Fujiyama. Aubrey had been there and liked it, and promised me it was good food. I was not in the mood for sushi but she assured me that Fujiyama had other things on the menu. The food did taste really good, and inside the restaurant was very stylish. Something I ate earlier in the day must have made me ill, because I could not wait to get home.

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