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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrift Storin' It.

Aubrey and I were getting bored before we left to go to dinner. We decided to head over to the local St. Vincents just down the road. Aubrey found a cool light-up make-up mirror and a pair for $165 jeans for only $2.99 and they were half off too. I found some cool work pants, but they just fit too awkwardly. After St. Vincents we headed down the road to the Idaho Youth Ranch and I bought one book, Boomsday, for only 27 cents. I have never heard of the book but it is by the same author that wrote the book-turned-movie, Thank You for Smoking. I am probably going to start reading Boomsday next. I just finished Jennifer Government today, excellent read, and then I started Glue, but didn't really like it.

We we just waiting for the sitter to get here, then we are off to go eat! MMMM!

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