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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just completed another survey at Walmart to be entered to win $1000.

Aubrey and I are going on a date tonight. I surprised her and made plans to get a sitter. We decided to go to Bangkok Thai in Boise.(@elusive panda:that must be the owner.)

We went and bought our school books yesterday for the fall semester, I am in History 112, Philosophy, Health, and Intermediate Algebra. Err, scary. There is a lady who works the book store that has a truck tattooed on her toe, she showed it to Aubrey and I, claiming that it was a 'toe truck'.

The big kids are in a wedding today. Their dad and Dani are getting married at some winery in Eagle. Noah, ring bearer, Madeline, flower girl.

Aubrey got a bonus on her check this week, and oh my! Every time Sephora breaks its sales goal the employees get a bonus on their second check of the month. The bonus fluctuates depending on how much extra they sold. They have only missed three months since it has been open.

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