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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Things New.

We bought a deer head wall decal off Etsy for super cheap. It is basically a large sticker. We both really thought it was cool, thought about a color and ordered one, it came in the mail today. Though it took some work to get up to the top corner of our living room with no ladder. Eventually I managed after stacking a stool on top of the dining room table, which barely got me close enough to reach.

Also, Aubrey came across THIS WEBSITE(Our Idaho) that allows you to view how much state employees make. We had much fun with it. First, Chris Peterson, head coach of the BSU Broncos football team, makes $470 an hour! I shit you not! Four hundred and seventy dollar an hour. That is more than the Governor, Butch Otter, makes at $111,000 a year. Also the president of BSU, Robert Kustra, makes $299,000 a year! That is an incredible amount of money.

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