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Sunday, August 9, 2009

To teach Olive not to bite we are supposed to refrain from wrestling her. Its just too much fun though. Aubrey got us a $50 off coupon to Old Navy last week. We went shopping to our Caldwell Old Navy then to the Meridian one. We got a little over $100 worth of stuff and only had to pay $54. It was nice, I got tons of stuff from the clearance. I am currently reading Dexter right now, not my normal type of pick but I am enjoying it. I found that if you send letters to authors to the authors publisher that they will forward the letter onto the author. I am going to start writing to authors more often. I found Chuck Palahniuk's list of favorite authors and books and staff picks of favorite authors and books from his website of favorite authors.(LINK) If you don't recognize the name, Chuck Palahniuk wrote the book Fight Club that was later turned into a movie. The books seem like a good pick, I am going to start picking books off of there to read. Aubrey got me some more cologne for free, Rocawear! I am no cologne aficionado but I might be by the end of this. I am hoping she gets me a free bottle of one of the Lacoste colognes soon. She promises me a new scent is coming out soon.

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