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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Atticus' two bottom teeth finally poked through about yesterday or maybe the day before. You can see them and feel them, they are sharp. He is happy. Also, for a few weeks now he has been able to pull himself to a standing position. He originally started doing it about two weeks ago, and now he is really good. He can get himself to stand up from sitting and from crawling. He stands on holding onto anything he can find. He mostly enjoys standing leaning on the big kids bed rails. The list also includes but is not limited to shoe racks, couches, and doors.

Many years ago my good friend Peanut gave me a little game system that you plug into the front of the television that had old arcade games on it. I really enjoyed Pacman but eventually I played it less and less. Eventually Noah found it and really got into playing the games. He did not understand them fully but he liked to play them. He really liked the race car one. Well with him playing, me teaching him how, I really got into a game on there called Mappy. It is a fun kind of thinking and planning game where you are a police mouse going through a house collecting computers, safes, and televisions that some cats have stolen. Anyways we both really got into our games and then the game system, being so old, and having been dragged around the house started pooping out. Well for Noahs birthday he got a new one, with even more games, and we are back at it! I taught him how to play a few more of the games this last weekend and I have a good score going on Mappy.

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